Ramani Careers Advisors guide the students in creating career paths that interest them and matches their strengths and abilities. Aiming to empower and inspire students to achieve set career goals. They also assist them find suitable post-secondary education options. Benefits include;

  • Assessing academic interests and goals
  • Understanding subject choices
  • Exploring career options
  • Creating career paths
  • Career planning

Assessments are a scientific and objective ways in which we learn about ourselves, how we learn and how we show what we have learnt. You can take our 15-20 mins assessments here, and get a full detailed report including suitable careers list.

  • Personality Types –MBTI 16 type.
  • Learning Styles- Auditory, Kinetics, Visual.
  • Multiple Intelligence- 8 intelligence strength.

Educational Options Counselling

Ramani Careers recognizes the world as a global village and strives to ensure students explore every learning opportunity possible, Study abroad are some of the options we propose to our students as they work towards achieving their career goals.

  • Exploring study abroad options
  • Advising & planning for Higher Education
  • Assistance with college selection, application, essay brainstorming, resume development and letters of recommendation, application tracking.
  • Test Preparations (AP/ACT/SAT/TOEFL/UK entrance tests)
  • Scholarships search
  • Best-fit college match


  • Teen Career Choices Program
  • Graduate employability skills training

Internship program

  • College Internship Program

Institutional Support

  • Career Talks
  • Outsourced Educational Counselling
  • Psychometric Assessments School license
  • Career Guidance Charts
  • Streamlining College Applications and Management process.