Middle School- 12-14 years

Children learn and study best in different ways. Teaching young minds early about goal setting goes a long way in impacting their adult life. Also helping them gain personal self-awareness by understanding their unique learning styles to improve academic performance and enabling them to achieve the individualized learning. Use our online tools to set a solid foundation.

High School students learn, study, make decisions and relate to the world differently. Our college and career readiness platform helps them discover their strengths and interests and matches them to suitable careers, giving them confidence to prepare for successful careers. Our online tools will reveal students natural learning styles, unique personality and distinctive intelligences. Enlightened with this information they can confidently prepare for their future; other benefits include;

  • Gain self-awareness
  • Connect learning to life
  • Explore careers & courses
  • Learn about college admission requirements, scholarships and financial aid.

Higher Education

According to statistics 7 million youth in our country are unemployed, one of the causes been the shortage of skilled manpower. Ramani careers provides useful insights on to the trending careers and skills needed in the labour market. Smart college and university students study themselves to gain self-awareness, identify their strengths and skillfully apply the knowledge to their lives. Finding and achieving the right education for your career is just the beginning of a beautiful journey. Ramani careers helps you prepare and plan for your career success through our online tools and internship programs.

  • Gain self-awareness
  • Choose suitable areas of specialization
  • Get internship opportunities
  • Get information of labour market